Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.

– William Butler Yeats (attributed)

Dear students,

Please be aware that teaching can be highly inspiring and frustrating for a university professor at the same time. You have chosen to pursue a career in an industry that will disrupt our future in the years to come. Thus, be proactive and take part in this transformation, starting from your classes and your group projects. Participate actively during the lectures by reading the material upfront and during group supervision by presenting well-defined problems. On my side, my door will always be open for you, happy to discuss academic or personal matters that might bother you in order to unleash your full potential.

All the best,

These are the courses I am currently teaching. To have access to the study material you must use your AAU credentials on Moodle.

Spring 2022

Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling – (PhD School) Study Secretary: Maria Bredvig

Systems Development in Praxis (Master) – (DAT8, IxD8).
Study Secretary: Ulla Øland

Fall 2021

Systems Development (Bachelor) – (SW3-KBH).
Study Secretary: Christina Maxwell Berthou (SW3-KBH),

Spring 2021

Systems Development in Praxis (Master) – (DAT8, IxD8).
Study Secretary: Ulla Øland

Fall 2020

System Analysis and Design (Bachelor) – (BAIT3, IxD5).
Study Secretary: Hanne Torp (BaIT3),  Lone E. Vriborg (IxD5)

Spring 2020

Advanced Topics in Systems Development (Master) – (DAT8, INF8, IxD8).
Study Secretary: Ulla Øland

Software Engineering (Bachelor & Master) – (BAIT6T+K, INF6, IxD6, IDA8, CS-IT8).
Study Secretary: Lone E. Vriborg (IxD6, INF6), Hanne Torp (BaIT6T+K) & Ulla Øland (iDA8)