There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.

– Federico Fellini

I have the great privilege to dedicate my time at work doing what I’m most passionate about: following my curiosity by doing research. In the most recent years, I’m working on the following research projects.

Pandemic Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been highly disruptive on a global scale. I try to understand its impact on software engineers and how this affects their well-being and productivity. Also, I’m interested to understand how the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation processes of many companies by enhancing their resilience.

My goal is to provide useful recommendations for both businesses and employees to cope with disruptive events. I am grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation for supporting this project.

Diversity in Software Engineering

Software engineering experienced fairly little diversity in its community, especially regarding the inclusion of underrepresented groups. In this line of research, I investigate the benefits and challenges of a more diverse professional environment.


Although Agile is becoming the predominant software development process, it is still facing some substantial challenges in terms of its effective adoption. Organizations are typically customizing Agile processes to their organizational structure which is often key to success but might also lead to several dysfunctional aspects.

My aim is to understand technical, organizational, and psychological aspects of Agile transformation processes, to help companies adopting effective Agile practices.

Empirical Software Engineering Research Methodology

Since the very beginning of my PhD I felt passionate about epistemology and research methodology. Here, I contribute to the debate in my research community about building more robust research approaches to provide a better nuance of reality.


I am also working to understand and support software security practices and processes in Danish companies. The project Sb3D – Security by Design in Digital Denmark is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation.