Daniel Russo

Hello and welcome! I’m Daniel Russo, an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. My journey in academia and industry has been driven by a deep passion for advancing the field of empirical software engineering. With extensive experience in research, teaching, and professional service, I am dedicated to exploring the complexities of software development, human-centered AI, and agile methodologies.

About Me

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Bologna, and my professional journey has taken me from postdoctoral research at Lero and University College Cork to a tenured associate professorship in Computer Science at Aalborg University. My work has been recognized with numerous awards, and I have been featured as an innovation leader in prominent forums.

Research Interests

My research primarily focuses on empirical software engineering, with particular interest in:

Academic Contributions

I have published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters. My notable works include studies on generative AI in software engineering, the effectiveness of agile scaling approaches, and the well-being and productivity of developers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, I serve as a member at the Danish Young Academy of Technology, Science, and Innovation.

Professional Engagements

I am the organizer of the Annual Copenhagen Symposium on Human-Centered Software Engineering AI, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Carlsberg Foundation, whose notable outcome of its first edition is the Copenhagen Manifesto. Additionally, I sit on several academic boards related to hiring, promotion, and assessments.

For the private sector, I offer evidence-driven consultancy services, including training and coaching. I help organizations to implement tailored processes and tools to improve their software engineering approaches, particularly in relation to AI. Drawing on rigorous scientific methods developed over years of research, I provide robust and measurable results. If you need help in enhancing your organisation’s software processes and outcomes during this new era of AI Transformation, please feel free to contact me.

Teaching and Mentorship

At Aalborg University, I offer academic courses at all levels, including bachelor, master, and PhD programs. My teaching portfolio are in the area of software engineering. At a graduate level, I teach a PhD course on Structural Equation Modelling, for which I have co-authored the methodological guidelines for the computing community.

I am deeply committed to guiding the next generation of software engineers and researchers, supervising numerous student projects. As an advocate of Liberating Structures (LS), I integrate these powerful methods into my teaching to foster innovative, inclusive, and highly interactive learning environments. Liberating Structures enable students to engage more deeply, think creatively, and collaborate effectively, breaking down traditional barriers to participation and unlocking the full potential of every individual in the classroom.